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freedreno/decode: Add cffrawdump tool

Danylo Piliaiev requested to merge Danil/mesa:freedreno/feature/cffrawdump into main

Dumps registers, commands and raw shader instructions in a way that is easily parseable and "fast" (rnn lookups aren't that fast).

Example of output format:

     0x002e	CP_SET_BIN_DATA5_OFFSET[0]	0x10000	{ VSC_SIZE = 1 | VSC_N = 0 }
     0x002e	CP_SET_BIN_DATA5_OFFSET[1]	0x2080	{ BIN_DATA_OFFSET = 8320 }
     0x002e	CP_SET_BIN_DATA5_OFFSET[2]	0x8	{ BIN_SIZE_OFFSET = 8 }
     0x80f0	GRAS_SC_WINDOW_SCISSOR_TL	0x240	{ X = 576 | Y = 0 }
     0x80f1	GRAS_SC_WINDOW_SCISSOR_BR	0x2cf02ff	{ X = 767 | Y = 719 }
     0xae08	0xae08	0x400
     0xae09	0xae09	0x430800
     0xae0a	0xae0a	0x0
     0xa81b	SP_VS_OBJ_FIRST_EXEC_OFFSET	0x0	0

Made to process a large number of traces in order to build a database of unique register, cp command, and shader instruction values.

Why not modify cffdump or use lua scripting?

cffdump already has a lot of toggles and arcane conditions, it was easier to have a separate tool than to coerce cffdump to output in a suitable format and be fast enough to process hundreds of gigabytes of compressed traces.

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