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turnip: copy/blit and texture improvements, msaa/depth+stencil, etc

Jonathan Marek requested to merge flto/mesa:turnip into master

Many features and fixes, notably a rework of CmdCopyImage/CmdCopyBufferToImage/CmdCopyImageToBuffer and implementing CmdBlitImage

There are some things which could be used for the OpenGL driver:

  • 2D blitting for all formats
  • Linear mipmap levels in a tiled texture still need the components swapped. Looks like this was missed because GLES deqp doesn't test mipmaps on any non-WZYX swap formats that the GL driver enables tiling on.
  • R8G8 is the 16bpp format that is tiled different from the others, not R16/Z16 (R4G4B4A4,etc have the same tiling as R16, but GL driver doesn't use tiling with those formats)
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