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gitlab: add template for merge requests

David Heidelberg requested to merge dh/mesa:merge_template into main

What does this MR do and why?

This MR implement the template you're seeing now. Goal is to guide new and existing developers what information they should provide to get MR merged.

My reason for this MR, was people often missing information they don't have to run whole pipeline, but they can use bin/ci/ This information is pretty hard to distribute to every developer. Also as a side-effect we can "ask" some information by default.

How did I tested the MR?

  • Manually tested on my development machine
  • if needed, iterated over XXX jobs 0 times with
  • if needed (for images rebuilds, CI changes etc.), run whole CI pipeline
  • None above apply

People involved in this MR development

/cc @gallo @sergi

Edited by David Heidelberg

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