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Introduce a618 and zink-tu-a618 traces jobs

Guilherme Gallo requested to merge gallo/mesa:move_to_a618 into main

Optimize our CI pipeline by introducing new a618 jobs. This change will not only help us to relieve some a630 load by enabling its replacement to a618 but, as the a618 device is under LAVA farm, will make it easier for us to designate the same device when testing traces performance.

In addition to introducing a618 jobs, this MR will also integrate zink-a618-traces jobs into our CI pipeline. By incorporating these jobs, we can establish a solid baseline for performance comparison dashboards, allowing us to monitor better the impact of our changes on the a618 device's performance.

Please note that this MR does not remove any a630 jobs. The replacement of a630 jobs with a618 jobs will be considered and planned in a separate MR.

The key benefits of this MR include the following:

  1. Improved resource management: By introducing new a618 jobs, we can enhance our CI pipeline and better distribute our testing resources.
  2. Reducing performance results variance: The a618 device is under LAVA support, which makes it easy to specify always the same machine for running the performance jobs.
  3. Performance monitoring: The addition of zink-tu-a618-traces jobs will provide us with a reliable baseline for performance comparison dashboards, enabling us to make more informed decisions in the future.

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