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asahi: Convert to SPDX headers

Alyssa Rosenzweig requested to merge alyssa/mesa:agx/spdx into main

Also drop my email address in the copyright lines and fix some "Copyright 208 Alyssa Rosenzweig" lines, I'm not that old. Together this drops a lot of boilerplate without losing any meaningful licensing information. SPDX is already in use for the MIT-licensed code in turnip, venus, and a few other scattered parts of the tree, so this should be ok from a Mesa licensing standpoint.

This reduces friction to create new files, by parsing the copy/paste boilerplate and being short enough you can easily type it out if you want. It makes new files seem less daunting: 20 lines of header for 30 lines of code is discouraging, but 2 lines of header for 30 lines of code is reasonable for a simple compiler pass. This has technical effects, as lowering the barrier to making new files should encourage people to split code into more modular files with (hopefully positive) effects on project compile time.

This helps with consistency between files. Across the tree we have at least a half dozen variants of the MIT license text (probably more), plus code that uses SPDX headers instead. I've already been using SPDX headers in Asahi manually, so you can tell old vs new code based on the headers.

Finally, it means less for reviewers to scroll through adding files. Minimal actual cognitive burden for reviewers thanks to banner blindness, but the big headers still bloat diffs that add/delete files.

I originally proposed this in December (for much more of the tree) but someone requested I wait until January to discuss. I've been trying to get in touch with them since then. It is now almost April and, with still no response, I'd like to press forward with this. So with a joint sign-off from the major authors of the code in question, let's do this.

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