Wild West On (ci: ensure weston is loaded before testing starts)

David Heidelberg requested to merge dh/mesa:wild_west_on into main

Signed-off-by: David Heidelberg david.heidelberg@collabora.com

XWayland is one of the last loaded components of Weston. So let's depend on it to detect if Weston and XWayland are running.

Depending on cosmic radiation, Delphi oracle prediction, etc., Weston takes 3 - 12 seconds to load.

I could make it compatible with the XOrg + Weston setup, but I don't see the value in testing in one job with both. So if we use Weston, let's rely on better-supported XWayland.

Tested with ./bin/ci/ci_run_n_monitor.py --target ".*raven.*" (note: zork isn't the fastest machine around)

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