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lima: do not set the PP uniforms address lowest bits

Icenowy Zheng requested to merge icenowy/mesa:lima-uniforms-address-size into master

The PP uniforms address register in render state is not a direct pointer to the uniforms storage -- instead, it points to an one-item array, and the array item is the real pointer to the uniforms storage.

This register reuses some of its LSBs as a size field. Currently the size is set according to the length of the real uniforms storage. However, as the register itself contains only a pointer to the one-item array, the size field should be set to the length of the one-item array and subtract it by 1, which means a fixed value of 0. That means we can just omit it now.

Test shows this should be the correct approach to set this register.

Signed-off-by: Icenowy Zheng

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