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dzn: Vulkan 1.2

Jesse Natalie requested to merge jenatali/mesa:dzn-vk-1-2 into main

There's one fix in here for dynamic rendering, which isn't really part of 1.2 and I can split it out if needed. There's also some fixes for enhanced barrier usage, which is only caught thanks to the new synchronization tests that are running due to timeline semaphore support.

Beyond that, there's the float controls feature, which we can actually support fp32 denorm preserve for SM6.2 now, the separate stencil usage feature, adding some new stub entrypoints, setting all the right caps, and boom, VK1.2.

Total pass rate (with not-yet-available D3D APIs and not-yet-published WARP fixes) is sitting at 99.86%. Hopefully soon I can flush those fixes to CI and start running more tests without it exploding expectations too much.

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