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ci: Uprev kernel to 6.1.7

Sergi Blanch Torné requested to merge sergi/mesa:ci-kernel-uprev-6.1 into main

Mesa is referencing a patched kernel 6.0.3. This uprev proposal is to move it forward to the (by the time these lines are written) latest stable version of the kernel: 6.1.7.

The number of patches applied to the vanilla kernel has been increased. From 12 in the current patched kernel to 24 (until the first rejected, they are from the previous patched kernel, so 13 are new patches):

  • d2c85e1e4de6 Revert "clk: qcom: rcg: Return failure for RCG update"
  • 917f80c290b2 drm/msm/a6xx: make GPUs SMMU context bank available in it's aperture.
  • 7dff3414300d arm64: dts: Add s2 regulator in pmi8994
  • 7c00da6e965d arm64: dts: pmi8994: fix regulator name to resolve dtsi conflict
  • 68bf649292a1 init/do_mounts.c: add virtiofs root fs support
  • 23046d932ed0 HACK: iommu/arm-smmu/qcom: Set SCTLR.HUPCF for everything
  • ab944006f05d drm/panfrost: Fix the panfrost_mmu_map_fault_addr() error path
  • 6235792742df iommu: fix ARM_SMMU vs QCOM_SCM compilation
  • 207896fb18bf arm: dts: qcom: sdm845: Drop the cheza hack now that we hack it on in DRM.
  • cc38ae8cb1af mesa-ci: Force db410c to host mode (dts file)
  • b83b5204fab8 Revert "drm/nouveau/pmu/gm200-: use alternate falcon reset sequence"
  • 93bd820c433b Revert "drm/lima: Migrate to dev_pm_opp_set_config()"
  • 9a3b616832ef drm/msm/adreno: Simplify read64/write64 helpers
  • a61475869f64 drm/msm: Hangcheck progress detection
  • 44ed062a4080 drm/panfrost: Increase MAX_PM_DOMAINS to 5
  • c76cc2a2ea5e drm/panfrost: Add the MT8192 GPU ID
  • b344945cb60c drm/panfrost: Add mediatek,mt8192-mali compatible
  • 1ddaa79a9118 soc: mediatek: Introduce mediatek-regulator-coupler driver
  • 9ed3df4cdc67 arm64: dts: mediatek: asurada: Enable internal display
  • c9cc038d1c47 STOPSHIP: arm64: dts: mediatek: asurada: add mfg0 domain supply
  • 3842f3a80e65 arm64: dts: mediatek: asurada: Add GPU nodes
  • 93683104d01f STOPSHIP: arm64: dts: mediatek: mt8192-asurada: Couple VGPU and VSRAM_OTHER regulators
  • 994d0e5e6d58 STOPSHIP: arm64: dts: mediatek: mt8192-asurada: Assign sram supply to MFG1 pd
  • cd62578a9926 arm64: dts: mediatek: asurada: Add display regulators
  • 439f86d0051b arm64: dts: mediatek: asurada: Add display backlight

A stress test of this kernel was executed last weekend with good results. The number of jobs flaking is below 0.5%.

Plot of the data collected in job 5169999 of the pipeline 789772 of the sergi/ci-uprev project to visualize stress test results

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