llvmpipe: Fix armhfp without neon

Nicolas Chauvet requested to merge kwizart/mesa:arm-without-neon into main

Most armhfp distributions are using armv7-a with -mfpu=vfp3-d16 and neon optional.

When the CPU lacks neon, such as Tegra20 and Marvell Dove, llvm needs to have -d32 feature removed in order not to assume vfp3-d32 fpu. Also enforces +fp64 feature as quoting llvm:

// fp64 and d32 subtarget features are independent of each other, so we
// must disable/enable both.

See also llvm-comment

Fixes: e983a975 ("gallivm: disable NEON instructions if they are not supported") Closes: #7868 Signed-off-by: Nicolas Chauvet kwizart@gmail.com

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