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freedreno,tu,ir3: Update SP_FS_PREFETCH,SP_FS_PREFETCH_CNTL regs and DCE ij_pix if possible

  • Found that GATHER4* ops could be prefetched - tested that they work but haven't implemented them. Would require nir_texop_tex_prefetch to store which op to prefetch or to having several nir_texop_*_prefetch ops. Note: wasn't able to coerce blob to emit gather4 prefetch.
  • SP_FS_PREFETCH_CNTL.IJ_WRITE_DISABLE - prevents ij from being written allowing to DCE it.
  • SP_FS_PREFETCH_CNTL.WRITE_COLOR_TO_OUTPUT - prefetch would entirely bypass FS and write straight into output somehow. Looks like optimization, but blob doesn't use it.
  • Still a few mystery regs left.

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