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radv: inline some functions - CPU overhead part 1

Timur Kristóf requested to merge Venemo/mesa:radv_cpu_overhead_easy into main

A few easy to review patches taken from MR !18499 (closed) to reduce the CPU overhead of RADV.

  • Use __builtin_prefetch on graphics pipeline pointers. Dropped, this actually hurts perf.
  • Add ALWAYS_INLINE to some functions.

Test on Ryzen 7 6850U: Set the platform profile to performance, disabled boost and set the CPU governor to performance. Then ran: ./vkoverhead -test 0 -duration 30

commit 6850U score
main 20772
radv: ALWAYS_INLINE radv_after_draw 20634
radv: ALWAYS_INLINE radv_flush_descriptors 21558
radv: ALWAYS_INLINE radv_is_streamout_enabled() 21584 (+4% from main)
Edited by Timur Kristóf

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