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egl/dri2: Stop disabling pbuffer support on msaa configs

Adam Jackson requested to merge ajax/mesa:egl-pbuffer-msaa into main

We started doing this in:

commit 4d6d55deef291b489af4d7870c6f5eb223c8da5d
Author: Tapani Pälli <>
Date:   Mon Sep 26 10:03:32 2016 +0300

    egl: stop claiming support for pbuffer + msaa

    This fixes a crash in egl-create-msaa-pbuffer-surface Piglit test
    and same crash in many dEQP EGL tests.

Whatever bug that was papering over appears to be fixed by now, I can no longer reproduce that crash with piglit. Furthermore, disabling that bit in the generic dri2 code had the side effect that the surfaceless platform would advertise EGLConfigs with no supported surface types (since surfaceless only supports pbuffers).

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