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Updated configuration for SWKOTOR (Wine) and SWKOTOR 2 (Wine)

Federico Dossena requested to merge adolfintel/mesa:main into main

I noticed that the game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic had a pretty severe CPU bottleneck in some areas (see attached save) when SAM was enabled with the radeonsi driver (tested on multiple PCs with different motherboards and graphics cards), so I updated the default configuration to disable SAM for that driver for swkotor.exe

The same configuration was also added for swkotor2.exe, it uses the same engine and has the same problem.

Please note that there are 2 versions of swkotor2.exe around at the moment (the original 2005 version that can be bought from GOG, and the 2014 update that you can get from Steam). They have the same file name, the custom configuration is only needed for the orignal but it doensn't cause any problem to the 2014 one.

It's my first PR here so let me know if you want me to change anything.

P.S. I sent this patch on the mesa-dev mailing list yesterday, sorry for the duplicate, I didn't know mesa had a gitlab server

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