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pvr: Split pvr_dev_addr_t into a separate header

Matt Coster requested to merge MTCoster/mesa:dev-addr-split into main

This type is useful beyond the scope of winsys.

It can now be used without being lumbered with a dependency on pvr_winsys.h. Since pvr_winsys.h is used by pvr_private.h, this can be a common cause for circular dependencies during development.

Also included in this MR are a hopefully unobjectionable subset of the macros added in !17203. These account for 90% of the use cases and it would be great to get them merged while discusson on the other MR continues.

Signed-off-by: Matt Coster <>
Reviewed-by: Karmjit Mahil <>

cc @frankbinns, @CreativeCylon

Edited by Matt Coster

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