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Fixes and base changes needed for GPU based copy support (for CmdCopy* APIs).

This merge request is part 1 of the GPU based copy support. Given that the change is huge, I have split it into two parts. The second/main part is in the final formatting stage and will open that MR shortly.

This PR mainly contains fixes, code reformats and some other changes which lay the foundation for the main copy code.

The amd and vulkan change simply moves a helper from amd's vk_format.h to common vk_format.h. Given most of the helpers in common vk_format.h follow the same naming scheme as their util_ counterparts, so I decided to change vk_format_get_plane_count to vk_format_get_num_planes so that it's easy to lookup in case if some other driver needs it.

Signed-off-by: Rajnesh Kanwal

/cc @frankbinns @CreativeCylon

Edited by Rajnesh Kanwal

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