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drm-uapi/i915_drm.h: Update from drm-next (2022-04-28)

Jordan Justen requested to merge jljusten/mesa:dg2-i915_drm.h into main

Note: This should unblock !14143 (merged) and !14511 (merged), which are needed for DG2 support upstream.

git:// 9bda072a7bec278c424ad660373e69d8e4a3385d

Among other changes, this provides DRM_I915_QUERY_HWCONFIG_BLOB and DRM_I915_QUERY_GEOMETRY_SUBSLICES, which are needed for DG2 support.

Cc: 22.1 <mesa-stable>

Ref: #6372 (closed)

Edited by Jordan Justen

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