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Draft: util: Add common parallel copy lowering

Alyssa Rosenzweig requested to merge alyssa/mesa:util-ir3 into main

Lifted from ir3. Algorithm is the same; the data structures and interface are lightly modified to decouple from ir3's IR.

Sequentializing parallel copies after RA is tricky. ir3's implementation works well enough, so let's make it available for other drivers.

I'm playing with SSA-based RA for my drivers as a pet project. This algorithm should work with minimal modifications for AGX, and probably also Mali.

Cc @cwabbott0 @robclark @jekstrand

Draft because I want to get this production tested on multiple (preferably 3) drivers to confirm the API is good. I already know from @daniel-schuermann that ACO can't use this. Also need to generalize over RA file size better. And maybe figure out how u_copy extensibility should work (if at all).

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