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Various small portability fixes (for FreeBSD)

Val Packett requested to merge (removed):portability into main

Here's a bunch of fixes I've had laying around in my fork, let's reduce the diff.

  • consolidate the #define ETIME ETIMEDOUT thing (which was missing in ANV anyway) into Meson instead of source code (FreeBSD bug 225324 for defining ETIME in the system is not moving along..)
  • clover: IIRC someone on the mailing list suggested iterator_range as the right solution to the build failure I was seeing
  • anv: unused include was reviewed here
  • intel/perf <sys/sysmacros.h>: is it used?

hopefully all of these are uncontroversial :) but I can drop anything from here and split off into its own review if there's issues.

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