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WIP: ir3: invsr instruction

Danylo Piliaiev requested to merge Danil/mesa:ir3/feature/invsr-instruction into main

TODO: Find what invsr does.
The SRC has to be shared reg. Only produced for fragment shaders, dst has to be dummy.

Accidentally found it by looking again at GTA V pipeline for cables where I had troubles with tesselation in the past.

Is it INValidate ShaRed? Or something else... I was not able to understand its function with computerator.

Here is the context (shader_test for vkrunner, cmdstream, and blob's disassembly log): invsr.tar.gz

This instruction happens a few more times throughout the shader dump I made by running fossilize of many d3d11 games on blob, but surrounding context is always similar. And the shared reg is never used after invsr.

  0[203100f4_00000000] mova a0, hc0.x;
  1[201560fc_000000c0] (ul)invsr dr63.x, sr48.x;
  2[03820000_0000000f] shps #15;
  3[02820000_0000000e] getone #14;
  4[204880f5_00000000] mova1 a1, 0;
  5[00000500_00000000] (rpt5)nop ;
  6[c0360e03_0cc78100] ldc.4.k.mode4.base0.x c[a1], 12, 7;
  7[204890f5_00000010] (ss)mova1 a1, 16;
  8[00000500_00000000] (rpt5)nop ;
  9[c0361002_0cc78100] ldc.3.k.mode4.base0.x c[a1], 12, 8;
 10[204890f5_00000020] (ss)mova1 a1, 32;
 11[00000500_00000000] (rpt5)nop ;
 12[c0361212_28c78100] ldc.19.k.mode4.base0.x c[a1], 40, 9;
 13[204890f5_00000070] (ss)mova1 a1, 112;
 14[00000500_00000000] (rpt5)nop ;
 15[c0361401_0cc78100] ldc.2.k.mode4.base0.x c[a1], 12, 10;
 16[14021000_00000000] (sy)(ss)shpe ;
 17[4f300002_00002007] (jp)bary.f r0.z, 7, r0.x;
 18[47300904_00002004] (rpt1)bary.f r1.x, (r)4, r0.x;

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