ci: Add venus job for deqp-vk testing

Merged Omar Akkila requested to merge rakko/mesa:venus-ci into main

This series of patches enables a new job, venus that tests the Venus driver.

The job itself is structured almost identically to virgl-on-gl, but set-up to just run dEQP-VK

Most of this patch series just enables crosvm for test-vk images by moving it out of test-gl and into test-base where it can be shared by both. I tried to update the package dependencies as best I could so hopefully nothing there is redundant or unused.

The crosvm used is the same as the previous but with an extra patch/hack to enable it to map opaque-fd-backed external device memory into the guest process. Opaque FD support for virglrenderer was the roadblock to getting this to work with lavapipe as the host driver but this was added with virgl/virglrenderer!651 (merged), hence the inclusion of a virglrenderer bump.

Co-authored-by: Corentin Noël

Edited by Omar Akkila

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