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dozen: Vulkan on D3D12

Boris Brezillon requested to merge bbrezillon/mesa:dzn-submit into main

Opening a new MR since I didn't want to push to @kusma's tree without his permission, but this is basically a new version of !12209 (closed). We're almost 6 months later, and a lot of basic features have been added to the driver, some of the limitations have been worked around, and the code has been cleaned up. That's not to say this driver is production ready (at least not yet), but our progress leads me to think that now is a good time to merge what we have and continue the development in-tree.

The plan is to get all the dependencies merged first (!13993 (merged), !14765 (merged), !12210 (merged) and !14406 (merged)), but wouldn't say no to some early reviews on the Dozen implementation.

/cc @jekstrand @jenatali @daniels @lfrb

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