kmsro: extend to support for vivante gpu in ls7a1000 and ls2k1000

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There is a Vivante gpu gc1000 in LS2K1000 SoC and LS7A1000 bridge, strangely, the gpu in those chip is a pci device.

This enables Mesa to work with ls2k1000 SoCs through the use of the lsdc modesetting driver along with the etnaviv render-only drivers.

lsdc kernel modesetting driver is under prepared, patches to kernel etnaviv side is uploaded to patch work and under review[4]

LS2K1000 is a double core 1.0Ghz mips64r2 compatible SoC[3].

LS7A1000 is a bridge chip made by Loongson corporation which act as north and/or south bridge of loongson's desktop and server level processor. It is equivalent to RS780E or something like that. In fact, the company use RS780E as bridge of LS3A3000 at its early stage, but as RS780E is out of stock, the company have to made one by themself. More details can be read from its user manual[1].

This bridge chip is typically use with LS3A3000, LS3A4000 and LS3A5000.

LS3A3000 is 4 core 1.45gHz mips64r2 compatible cpu. LS3A4000 is 4 core 1.8gHz mips64r5 compatible cpu. LS3A5000 is 4 core 2.5gHz loongarch cpu, the company acclaim that loongarch is a new archtecture and its instruction set is released[2].

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