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radv: Add KHR_ray_query support

Konstantin Seurer requested to merge KonstantinSeurer/mesa:main into main

This MR adds a pass to lower ray query intrinsics. The traversal code is based on the implementation in radv_pipeline_rt.c. The implementation still needs some testing There don't seem to be any issues that are specific to ray queries with the applications I tested.

Working applications/demos:

  • vk_raytracing_tutorial_KHR: ao, rayquery
  • SaschaWillems/Vulkan: rayquery
  • vk_mini_path_tracer
  • GravityMark
  • MomentsInGraphics/vulkan_renderer
  • Quake II RTX q2rtx

Broken applications/demos:

  • Khronos Vulkan-Samples: ray_queries (crashes, The ray tracing pipeline equivalent also doesn't work)

I think this should be comply with the specification now and the issue with the Khronos samples seems to be unrelated to this MR, meaning this MR is ready for review.

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