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mesa: continue EXT_direct_state_access implementation

Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer requested to merge pepp/mesa:ext_dsa_misc into master

This MR implements some functions from EXT_dsa:

  • 1st commit: adds the missing NamedBuffer functions. With this change the 9 NamedBuffer functions of the spec are all implemented.
  • 2nd commit: adds the 10 Framebuffer functions from the spec
  • 3rd commit: adds EnableClientStateiEXT/DisableClientStateiEXT (and their aliases *ClientStateIndexedEXT)
  • 4th commit: adds the 4 "indexed generic queries" from the spec

With all these changes applied:

  • no regression on piglit
  • 34 tests are fixed (when using MESA_EXTENSION_OVERRIDE="GL_EXT_direct_state_access")

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