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iris: Don't allocate vma for CCS on XeHP+

Nanley Chery requested to merge nchery/mesa:fix/iris-ccs-init into main

There are three main parts to this:

  1. ISL: Limit a Gfx12 CCS-related alignment restriction to devices which use an aux map. The 64K alignment restriction seems to be gone on XeHP. Limiting this restriction now prevents iris from losing suballocation for some CCS-enabled resources later on in this MR.

  2. BLORP: Fix some clear and resolve rectangles for CCS on Gfx12. Also, there are new scale down factors for XeHP. We implement these changes in a way that doesn't rely on having an auxiliary surface because iris won't use them for CCS on XeHP+.

  3. iris: Don't allocate vma for CCS on XeHP+. We can't make use of it. Also, since we can't access the CCS directly, we specify a new initial aux state to reflect its initial contents.

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