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intel: Add blocs, which supports some blorp operations with a compute shader

Jordan Justen requested to merge jljusten/mesa:blocs into main

This series allows blorp to emit compute programs for some blorp operations.

If the env-var INTEL_DEBUG=blocs is set, then we will try to run a compute program in more cases.

With or without INTEL_DEBUG=blocs, We will now force a compute program to be used on Vulkan queues that only support compute.

As a side-note, the crucible bench.copy-buffer test does seem to report that a compute program copies the buffer a bit faster in some cases. (This probably needs more verification.)

Here is an example of how to run crucible on anvil with 1 graphics/compute queue and 1 compute-only queue. The compute-only queue will use a compute program in blorp to do the buffer copy:

$ ANV_QUEUE_OVERRIDE=c=1 bin/crucible run bench.copy-buffer

Note: crucible!94 (merged) is required to allow copy-buffer to run on a compute-only queue

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