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venus: initial AHB support for multi-planar format

Yiwei Zhang requested to merge zzyiwei/mesa:ahb-multi-planar into main
  1. Fixed dedicated requirement for AHB image.
  2. Workaround to support VK_FORMAT_G8_B8R8_2PLANE_420_UNORM in format query since host driver hasn't yet.
  3. Workaround to resolve AHARDWAREBUFFER_FORMAT_IMPLEMENTATION_DEFINED before gralloc support an additional query for such info.


  1. MediaVulkanGpuTest is failing at pixel readback validation.
  2. CameraVulkanGpuTest is passing because it cannot do pixel validation.
  3. Camera Vulkan interop app shows a green tinted output. Looks like ycbcr conversion is broken but not related to this MR.

/cc @olv

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