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amd,radeonsi: changes in register definitions, ac/llvm, shader culling, new hw bug workarounds, etc.

Marek Olšák requested to merge mareko/mesa:amd-lots-of-stuff into main

This is a big MR containing many unrelated changes that I've gathered over the last couple of weeks. Some highlights:

  • 2 new hw bug workarounds for Navi1x
  • GS fast launch: Indexed triangle strips are re-enabled, the ES and GS thread counts are fixed, and it's disabled for small draws/instances for better performance.
  • The memory coherency issue between VS/TES/GS and PS is fixed. (i.e. wait for stores before pos exports)
  • NGG shader culling is improved to have a smaller shader code size. (new prefix sum computation using v_sad_u8, etc.)
  • 32-bit register fields are no longer defined.
  • LLVM target features moved from target machines to functions, which enables the removal of the Wave32 target machine.

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