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d3d10umd,d3d10sw: Initial import.

Jose Fonseca requested to merge jrfonseca/mesa:d3d10umd into main

This change adds a gallium D3D10 state tracker that works as a WDDM UMD software driver, similar to Microsoft WARP, but using llvmpipe/softpipe.

The final deliverable is a d3d10sw.dll, which is similar to WARP's d3d10warp.dll.

This has been used to run Microsoft Windows HCK wgf11* tests with llvmpipe, and they were at one point passing 100%.

Known limitations:

  • TGSI (no NIR)
  • D3D10 only (no D3D11 support yet)
  • no WINE integration (WINE doesn't implement WDDM DDI.)

For further details see:

  • src/gallium/frontends/d3d10umd/README.txt
  • src/gallium/targets/d3d10sw/README.txt

XXX: This depends upon Windows DDK drivers being placed on mesa/include/winddk. A version of these which builds with MinGW can be found on here. Ideally we'd use headers from the actual WDK on Windows.

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