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radv: Merge dEQP default skips into all generation-specific skip lists

Charlie Turner requested to merge chturne/mesa:cturner/radv-default-skips into master

Some context: Now that it's possible to run dEQP jobs in the Valve infrastructure, I am starting to develop a baseline for the STONEY APU devices I have at hand. While figuring out how to add such a baseline, I noticed that !8147 (merged) obsoleted !4656 (merged), so the default skips (deqp-radv-default-skips.txt) are not being used by the CI. I will tag @hakzsam in case there are other uses of this default skip list file I haven't noticed.

Nowadays, the only option is to have default skips per GPU version (c.f. GPU_VERSION variable in deqp-runner), since the runner doesn't have a "skip list merge" feature. @anholt would such a feature be of use? It might become unwieldy to manage the default skips across many versions.

Instead, follow what the other drivers have done and merge the defaults into each generation's skip list. Also remove the "Fixed by CTS 3dddaeca8 ("Fix source blit image size")" skips, since the VK-GL-CTS has been updated to vulkan-cts- already, which includes 3dddaeca8.

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