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v3dv: don't use a dedicated BO for each occlusion query

Iago Toral requested to merge itoral/mesa:v3dv_query_opt into master

Dedicated BOs waste memory and are also a significant cause of CPU overhead when applications use hundreds of them per frame due to all the work the kernel has to do to page in all these BOs for a job. The UE4 Vehicle demo was hitting this causing it to freeze and stutter under 1fps.

The hardware allows us to setup groups of 16 queries in consecutive 4-byte addresses, requiring only that each group of 16 queries is aligned to a 1024 byte boundary. With this change, we allocate all the queries in a pool in a single BO and we assign them different offsets based on the above restriction. This eliminates the freezes and stutters in the Vehicle sample.

One caveat of this solution is that we can only wait or test for completion of a query by testing if the GPU is still using its BO, which basically means that we can only wait for all active queries in a pool to complete and not just the ones being requested by the API. Since the Vulkan recommendation is to use a different query pool per frame this should not be a big issue though.

If this ever becomes a problem (for example if an application does't follow the recommendation and instead allocates a single pool and splits its queries between frames), we could try to group queries in a pool into a number of BOs to try and find a balance, but for now this should work fine in most cases.

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