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    r300: allow constant swizzles with inline constant · aeae7b81
    Pavel Ondračka authored
    This will prevent a regression in the number of inlined constants in
    a later commit. Constructs like 4.000000 (0x48).w110 works just fine.
    There is a small behavioral change. We would previously allow positive
    and negative same-value contants to be produced, e.g.,
    4.000000 (0x48).w-w__ and this would be later split into some extra
    movs in the dataflow swizzle pass. We now explicitly check that the
    final swizzle is valid while inlining. So there is a minor decrease
    in inlined constants and in the total instructions.
    total lits in shared programs: 4328 -> 4194 (-3.10%)
    lits in affected programs: 554 -> 420 (-24.19%)
    total instructions in shared programs: 155488 -> 155361 (-0.08%)
    instructions in affected programs: 5707 -> 5580 (-2.23%)
    Additonally, a fix for pair translation is needed since the constant
    inlining can now produce swizzles like this: 4.000000 (0x48).w-0-0-_
    so we have to teach pair translation to also ignore the sign for zero
    Signed-off-by: Pavel Ondračka's avatarPavel Ondračka <pavel.ondracka@gmail.com>
    Reviewed-by: Filip Gawin's avatarFilip Gawin <filip@gawin.net>
    Part-of: <!17560>