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    freedreno: add fd_rd_output facilities for gzip-compressed RD dumps · f9c4e254
    Zan Dobersek authored
    Provide fd_rd_output facilities which enable constructing RD dumps that are
    stored into gzip-compressed output. This matches the default behavior of
    libwrap. Enabling and adjusting the behavior of functionality is done
    through the FD_RD_DUMP environment variable.
    Integration into Turnip's MSM backend is covered, replacing the previous
    RD dump that was enabled through TU_DEBUG=rd. That debug option still
    works and is the same as using FD_RD_DUMP=enable.
    By default the dumps are created for each submission, using the provided
    submit index. FD_RD_DUMP=combine enables gathering dumps for submissions
    for the given logical device into a single file.
    In the Turnip integration, FD_RD_DUMP=full will force dumping contents of
    any buffer object. Additionally, with that option enabled any previous
    submit will be waited on.
    Specifying FD_RD_DUMP=trigger sets up a trigger file that can be used to
    activate dumping manually. Writing zero or some non-integer value to the
    file will disable dumping. Writing a positive integer value to it will
    enable dumps for that many future submissions. Writing -1 to it will enable
    dumps until disabled.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarZan Dobersek <>
    Part-of: <!27230>