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Enable it on ChromeOS

Dongseong Hwang requested to merge ds-hwang/kmscube:cros into master

ChromeOS uses its own gbm, which is minigbm [1] [1]

minigbm doesn't have gbm_surface, so mesa doesn't have EGLSurface too. It's called as surfaceless in ChromeOS, which requires its own similar implementation to eglSwapBuffers. This patch implements them.

How to build it on ChromeOS: export PKG_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin/pkg-config-amd64-generic export CFLAGS=-I/build/amd64-generic/usr/include export LDFLAGS=-L/build/amd64-generic/usr/lib64/ export PLATFORM_CHROMEOS=yes ./ ./configure

Signed-off-by: Dongseong Hwang

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