Desktop file: Lower min spec requirement

Rob Clark requested to merge github/fork/akien-mga/desktop-validate into master

Created by: akien-mga

The current file does not use any features of version 1.4, nor actually of anything newer than 1.0 (but I set 1.1 which is supported by desktop-file-validate 0.23 and might be used in the future if e.g. Keywords were added).

The latest release of desktop-file-utils only supports up to version 1.2.

Also replaced "Graphics" by "Settings" to satisfy:

hint: value item "HardwareSettings" in key "Categories" in group "Desktop Entry"
can be extended with another category among the following categories: Settings

(Both "Graphics" and "Settings" are "Main Categories", and can't be used together. "Graphics" is meant for "Application for viewing, creating or processing graphics".)

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