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    configure.ac: Add detection for HAVE_PRINTF_EXTENSION and · 6a096813
    David Schleef authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    * configure.ac: Add detection for HAVE_PRINTF_EXTENSION and
    * docs/random/ds/0.9-suggested-changes: Notes from Company.
    * gst/gstcaps.c: (gst_caps_to_string): Add comment.
    * gst/gstconfig.h.in: Add define for GST_PTR_FORMAT
    * gst/gstinfo.c: (_gst_debug_init), (gst_debug_print_object),
    (gst_debug_log_default), (_gst_info_printf_extension),
    (_gst_info_printf_extension_arginfo):  Add printf extension.
    * gst/gstinfo.h: remove G_GNUC_PRINTF, because it doesn't work with %P
    * gst/gststructure.c: (gst_structure_to_string),
    (_gst_structure_parse_value): Use gst_value_deserialize() and
    remove old code.
    * gst/gstvalue.c: (gst_value_deserialize_fourcc),
    (gst_value_deserialize_boolean), (gst_strtoi),
    (gst_value_deserialize_int), (gst_value_deserialize_double),
    (gst_value_deserialize_string), (gst_value_deserialize): Implement
    a bunch of deserialize functions and gst_value_deserialize.
    * gst/gstvalue.h: er, _de_serialize, not unserialize
    * testsuite/caps/string-conversions.c: (main): We don't currently
    handle (float) in caps, so convert these to (double).
    * testsuite/debug/Makefile.am: Add new test for the printf extension
    * testsuite/debug/printf_extension.c: (main): same
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