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    gst/gstbin.c: use gst_object_has_ancestor(). · 01085fa2
    Wim Taymans authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    * gst/gstbin.c: (bin_element_is_semi_sink), (gst_bin_change_state):
    use gst_object_has_ancestor().
    * gst/gstobject.c: (gst_object_has_ancestor):
    * gst/gstobject.h:
    gst_object_has_ancestor() copied from gstbin.c as it is a
    usefull function.
    * tests/instantiate/create.c: (create_all_elements):
    * tests/lat.c: (handoff_src), (handoff_sink):
    * tests/sched/runxml.c: (main):
    * tests/seeking/seeking1.c: (main):
    * tests/threadstate/threadstate2.c: (bus_handler), (timeout_func),
    Fix compilation of some tests.
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