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    keep-alive: drop unused nm_keep_alive_set_forced() · c9354cb4
    Thomas Haller authored
    set-forced is currently unused, so drop it.
    NMKeepAlive in principle determines the alive-status based on multiple
    aspects, that in combination render the instance alive or dead. These
    aspects cooperate in a particular way.
    By default, a keep-alive instance should be alive. If there are conditions
    enabled that further determine the alive-state, then these conditions
    cooperate in a particular way. As it was, the force-flag would just
    overrule them all.
    But is that useful? The nm_keep_alive_set_forced() API also means that only
    one user caller can have control over the flag. Independent callers cannot
    cooperate on setting the flag, because there is no reference-counting or
    registered handles.
    At least today, it's unclear whether this flag really should overrule all
    other conditions and how this flag would actually be used. Drop it for
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