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    gpu: host1x: Acquire a reference to the IOVA cache · f40e1590
    Thierry Reding authored
    The IOVA API uses a memory cache to allocate IOVA nodes from. To make
    sure that this cache is available, obtain a reference to it and release
    the reference when the cache is no longer needed.
    On 64-bit ARM this is hidden by the fact that the DMA mapping API gets
    that reference and never releases it. On 32-bit ARM, this is papered
    over by the Tegra DRM driver (the sole user of the host1x API requiring
    the cache) acquiring a reference to the IOVA cache for its own purposes.
    However, there may be additional users of this API in the future, so fix
    this upfront to avoid surprises.
    Fixes: 404bfb78 ("gpu: host1x: Add IOMMU support")
    Reviewed-by: Dmitry Osipenko's avatarDmitry Osipenko <digetx@gmail.com>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarThierry Reding <treding@nvidia.com>
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