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    conncheck: rework early stun requests handling · ae3e5acc
    Fabrice Bellet authored
    With this patch we simplify the code used to handle the incoming stun
    request when remote candidates or remote credentials have not been
    received yet.
    When the remote credentials is unknown, the stun request is stored
    in a list of incoming_checks for later processing, and no further
    processing is done, except responding to the request.
    When the remote credentials are received, the triggered checks for these
    incoming checks can now be queued, and the related pairs are created.
    If the remote candidates have not been received when the stun request
    on a valid local port arrives, a peer-reflexive remote candidate will be
    created. This candidate may need to be updated later when remote
    candidates are finally received, including candidate priority and
    foundation, and also related pairs.
    Reviewed-by: Olivier Crête's avatarOlivier Crête <olivier.crete@collabora.com>
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.freedesktop.org/D1889
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