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    touchpad: restore thumb detection while keeping fixes from !292 · 73870d93
    Matt Mayfield authored
    !292 improved libinput's ability to detect multiple-finger clicks when
    the fingers were not aligned close to horizontally. However that caused
    thumb detection to fail in several use cases.
    This patch restores thumb detection for
    - 2+ finger physical clickpad presses
    - resting thumb while two-finger scrolling
    - touches in the thumb exclusion area during multi-finger taps
    and improves pinch detection when thumb is centered below fingers.
    It also further enhances the flexibility of finger position for 2-, 3-,
    or 4-finger taps: if all tapping fingers land on the touchpad within a
    short time (currently 100ms), they will all count regardless of
    position (unless below the lower_thumb_line).
    Signed-off-by: Matt Mayfield's avatarMatt Mayfield <mdmayfield@yahoo.com>
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