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WIP: Remove less minutiae for small sensors

Same algorithmic change as !188 (closed) but now implemented in a clean way. It is a huge improvement regarding #272.

Mindtct removes minutia that can't be trusted for scans of physical finger print cards. Finger print scanners usually have way less broken image, but some are really small and only get 1/4 or less of the fingerprint. So to make these small sensors work more minutia must be gathered in this area. That is why this patch disables some of the remove-false-minutia steps by configuring the requirements for them to impossible values.

Currently this configuration is only applied for the Elan 0c63 finger print reader. This fingerprint reader was unusable with libfprint before both in one-touch as well as in swipe mode. With this patch, at least in swipe mode, it works.

Edited by Werner Sembach

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