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    config-policy: push endpoints with keep=true to the end of the list when sorting · 40e4ce89
    George Kiagiadakis authored
    This ensures that endpoints with keep=false will still have
    a chance to link when ones with keep=true exist. This also effectively
    means that role priority does not matter when keep=true: we keep these
    links active no matter what, while policy still applies normally for
    all others.
    For example, a final sorted list with these endpoints will end up
    looking like this:
    * ep1, role priority=25, keep=false
    * ep2, role priority=20, keep=false
    * ep3, role priority=25, keep=true
    * ep4, role priority=75, keep=true
    ... which will effectively cause ep1, ep3 and ep4 to be linked.