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    rtpjitterbuffer: make sure not to drop packets based on skew · 44788e00
    Håvard Graff authored
    One of the jitterbuffers functions is to try and make sense of weird
    network behavior.
    It is quite unhelpful for the jitterbuffer to start dropping packets
    itself when what you are trying to achieve is better network resilience.
    In the case of a skew, this could often mean the sender has restarted
    in some fashion, and then dropping the very first buffer of this "new"
    stream could often mean missing valuable information, like in the case
    of video and I-frames.
    This patch simply reverts back to the old behavior, prior to gstreamer/gst-plugins-good@8d955fc3
    and includes the simplest test I could write to demonstrate the behavior,
    where a single packet arrives "perfectly", then a 50ms gap happens,
    and then two more packets arrive in perfect order after that.
    # Conflicts:
    #	tests/check/elements/rtpjitterbuffer.c
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