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www: Improve layout / sidebar look, change default font, make news titles larger

Piotr Brzeziński requested to merge thewildtree/www:ui-tweaks into main

Sits on top of !104 (merged)

Adds a bit of this century's flavour to the sidebar. It's easier to click around now and colours are less jarring.

Also changes the default font to sans-serif, which feels less dated, and centers everything + limits the max width, so the whole site doesn't just stick to the left side on any wide-ish screen now.

Changes header size in the News section to match the front page.

Before After
image image
image image
image image
Makes the sidebar look like buttons, not just text with a background.
Changes it so that the entire button there is a link, not just the text - feels much better to use :)
Adds a bit of padding for better UX, plus adjusts colors, borders and spacing etc.
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