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vah26{4,5}enc: Do not touch the PTS of output frame

He Junyan requested to merge He_Junyan/gstreamer:h264_h265_pts_dts into main
  1. The PTS of all frames should not be changed.
  2. Just update the DTS based on the PTS. For the frame which is not reordered, the DTS is equal to PTS. For frame which is reordered, the DTS is equal to previous DTS. For example: Input: F0[D0, P0] -- F1[D1, P1] -- F2[D2, P2] -- F3[D3, P3] Output: F0[I, D0, P0] -- F3[P, D0, P3] -- F1[B, D1, P1] -- F2[B, D2, P2]

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