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Backport of "Revert "h264parse: AU boundary detection changes"" into 1.24

Backport of !6540 (merged) "Revert "h264parse: AU boundary detection changes"".


  • 0bc5d973 Revert "h264parse: correct NAL mode backlog processing"
  • 6ff1973b Revert "h264parse: use AUD to detect first VCL NAL"
  • 64c2c8d5 Revert "h264parse: Remove un-needed check on SPS state"
  • ac3272db Revert "h264parse: Fix AU collection"
  • 694c6e77 Revert "h264parse: Remove dead code"
  • e57f561a Revert "h264parse: Improved AU boundary detection"
  • 71659f25 Revert "h264parse: test - AU align with SEI between frame slices"
  • 0c8e4d4a h264parser: maintain API changes
  • 93b8a177 ci/fluster: Revert results for visl

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