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h264decoder: Handle malformed avc/avc3 packets

Seungha Yang requested to merge seungha.yang/gstreamer:h264dec-split-avc into main
    h264decoder: Handle malformed avc/avc3 packets

    Packetized stream format should not contain start-code prefix
    in bitstream and each [nal-length-byte, nal-byte] unit should consist of
    single nal unit. But there are malformed streams in the world.
    Use newly added gst_h264_parser_identify_and_split_nalu_avc()
    method to identify each nal unit.
    h264parser: Add gst_h264_parser_identify_and_split_nalu_avc() method

    Equivalent to _split_nalu_hevc() method in h265parser. This method
    will scan start-code prefix and split into individual NAL units
    if start-code prefix is detected

Fixes: #3219 (closed)

Edited by Seungha Yang

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