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Backport of "tsmux: More cleanups" into 1.22

Backport of !5496 (merged) "tsmux: More cleanups".


  • Needs manual intervention, cherry-picking failed!


  • 5128975a tsmux: Fix two more uses of gst_buffer_map
  • 2dbd89b0 tsmux: Move out parameters of tsmux_write_ts_header
  • 55658ad1 tsmux: Don't memset in pad_stream when writing a PCR packet
  • 950789f6 tsmux: tsmux_packet_out should always consume its buffer
  • db886128 tsmux: Simplify tsmux_section_write_packet
  • 5bac956b tsmux: Add missing include
  • 2d720083 tsmux: Fix default new_stream_func
  • 6053dd0d tsmux: Fix default get_es_descrs_func
Edited by Tim-Philipp Müller

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